Thursday, January 29, 2009

Way more information than you need to know . . .

But, hey, why not?

I'm bored and in an effort to post regularly . . . I want to share this with you all!

Facebook runneth over with these "25 random things aout me" notes and I've decided that I want to post my list (edited where I deem necessary) here for my beloved readers, especially the "In Crowd!"

25 Random things about Bsquared86

  1. I love "novelty" and line dances (i.e. The Heisman, Cupid Shuffle, Stanky Leg, Dutty Wine, Cha Cha Slide, Crank that _____, Electric Slide, etc.)
  2. My ears haven't been pierced for years (and I don't plan on piercing them). I had them pierced when I was like 9 and on my 11th birthday I got the precious gift of a doctors visit to start treatment on my keyloids . . . oh joy! Me & my clip on earrings enjoy life keyloid free!
  3. Writing the essays for my grad school apps make me feel stupid sometimes. . . do I even have a degree in english? lol. They're so hard!
  4. I have seen every episode of Fresh Prince, Cosby Show, A Different World, and Roseanne . . . but I will watch them everytime they come on and probably curse at you if you interrupt my viewing. You may already know that I love certain TV shows, though.
  5. I get embarassed for other people . . . hard to explain . . . but if someone on TV is about to embarass themselves I'll probably change the channell. It's wierd, I know.
  6. I do not have a job. I am not in grad school. I am doing nothing with my life other than filling out grad school apps right now. I'll be working by spring though. (so stop asking! . . . just kidding . . . maybe . . . not really, lol.)
  7. I talk really fast and I talk alot . . . wait, my bad . . . ya'll know that (in the case of blog readers, you all see that I can get a bit longwinded in my posts)
  8. I get super excited when spellcheck doesn't find any errors.
  9. My conscience is SUPER LOUD, lol. I am naturally predisposed to doing the right thing. Sorry, no bad-ass here lol. That's why I'm so nice . . . not because I like everyone, but because I just don't have it in me to be meanspirited. Good girls finish first!
  10. I cry easily . . . be they happy or sad times, the tears will come!
  11. I have a thing about collecting paper napkins from random places in my purse . . . I don't know why . . . *hangs head in shame*
  12. Wikipedia is my number one source for information.
  13. I do not drink and I never will . . . yeah, never . . . not even on special occassions . . . not even if the drink tastes like red koolaid . . . not even if I won't be able to "feel" the alcohol
  14. Everytime I see a commercial for a movie that's up for an Oscar I get mad because Seven Pounds isn't up for any. I mean COME ON!
  15. My entire room has been pink for my entire life . . . and I have not liked it . . . the entire time, lol. First bubblegum pink and now hot pink . . . thank my dad for that!
  16. Inside jokes are the BEST jokes . . . but only when I'm in on them!
  17. People keep coming to me with problems (both trivia questions and life issues) because I went to college . . . NEWSFLASH: I am neither an encyclopedia nor am I Dr. Phil. But, I help them anyway, with a smile, because I am a nice person and I usually do have an answer to their trivia and advice for their life issues. Lol.
  18. I am such a packrat and my room is always junky. I fear that one day Neicy Nash and the Clean House crew will show up at my door lol. And if they do I know who called them (NuDiva85!)
  19. I was voted Most Likely to Succeed in Middle School and High School . . . DAMN, THE PRESSURE! lol
  20. I don't like scary movies . . . I don't care how silly or funny they may be to you . . . I don't even like commercials for scary movies . . . and I don't care how grown I may get . . . I never will. I don't see what's fun about scaring the shit out of yourself. Nope, I don't.
  21. I curse . . . sometimes . . . alot . . . lol. It's my only vice . . . that and my coca cola addiction!
  22. It feels weird not being at my undergad institution. I haven't quite adjusted to the fact that I won't be back there for a while and when I do go back I'll just be a visitor :(
  23. I want to have a bunch of kids . . . a few of my own and a few adopted.
  24. I play Monopoly on my iPhone more than I actually talk on it. This game is ADDICTIVE!
  25. I have fotki photo albums where I document my hair journey (from 2004 till now) and makeup experiments. I wore my hair pressed/flatironed straight all of my life until last march. I kind of miss my straight hair, sometimes. But I love my locs!

For the record EVERYONE is tagged! Drop your list (or justa few random things about yourself) in the comment section or on your blog . . . let me know if you do so I can go check it out!


  1. So WHY are you never going to drink liquor? Just curious...

  2. Robert-- Very good question! I don't drink for many reasons but mostly because I see it causing more harm than good around me. I have watched so many people close to me struggle with alcoholism and other addictions and, though I know that not every person that drinks is an alcoholic, I don't want to take teh chance. I figure that if I never start, I'll never have to worry about trying to stop, lol. I pass no judgement on those that do, it just isn't for me. I also like to be in control at all times and alcohol can impair judgement (I should have put that on the list-- I'm a control freak! lol)

    hotredsly-- LMAO, okay so you got me there. . . Pink just started growing on me in the last couple of years, honestly. It has more to do with my love of colors than it does the actual color pink. I wanted my blog to be bright and welcoming so I made it pink, lol. My room is a different story . . . my carpet is pink, my curtains are pink, my walls are pink, and you can sometimes find pink sheets on my bed . . . it's a bit much! I feel like I'm living in Barbie's Dream House, lol.

    Thank you two for stopping by and commenting!

  3. great list!
    I also don't like scary movies especially at the movies! I NEVER pay money to get scared


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