Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bye Bye 08!

This post is loooong overdue! I was out of town for about 2 weeks, so I have major "post backup." Bear with me!

2008 was a great year! Two simply INCREDIBLE things happened- I graduated from college and Barack Obama won the election. The only thing that would have made the year any more complete was the Lakers winning the championship but, hey, you can't win em all!

2008 was a stressful year with rollover stress from 07 but I refuse to let anything that stressed me out in 2008 rollover into 2009. Alot of those things that stressed me were things that I couldn't control(and they often overshadowed things that I could control). This year, I am focusing on what I can control and going after those goals first (and saving my worry lines for them, lol).

So . . . here's my 'to do' list for 2009

  • Driver's Licence- Yes, it's true . . . I am a grownass woman with no liscence. Don't ask why, don't ask how. Just know that I WILL have my licence soon.
  • In conjunction with the aformentioned . . . some WHEELS! I'm thinking a VW Beetle or a Mini Cooper . . . I love little cars!
  • TURN IN COMPLETE GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATIONS!!! The calarts app is due tomorrow and what do I have ready? NOT A DAMN THING! No use wasting time lamenting my mistakes! And then there were 6 . . .
  • Job/Work/Employment- I'm contemplating going back to my summer retail gig. Hours are being cut way down these days but HEY it's money. We'll see. I do not, do not, DO NOT want to be on the bus in this city which is why it is IMPERATIVE that I get my licence quick fast and in a hurry so I can cash in that vehicular IOU the parentals gave me.
  • Visit my good friend Ms. Brown in her new city! Even though we always lived just a few blocks from eachother in SoCal I didn't meet her until I traveled to teh opposite end of the country for college! And now she's moved out of state *sad face* but I will be visiting in a couple of months *smile*.
  • Get involved in my community. I really want to get involved in some type of adult literacy initiative. Know of any in SoCal? Let me know!
  • Keep in contact with folks! I have friends from school that I owe phone calls from the fall and a mentor from high school that I haven't spoken to in ages. *hangs head in shame* But in 09 that shall change!
  • Write regularly and seriously! If I'm going to be a writer I need to write more,point blank.

I would add "get into grad school" to the list but I have accepted that "getting in" is not so much in my control as putting my best foot forward with my application.

Anyway, that's my list as of right now. We'll check back with this in a few months and see how far I've gotten.

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  1. I hope that 2009 is everything you want it to be!

    And I hope Barack fulfills our expectations of him - no easy job, that!

    Best wishes.


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