Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Survives, So We Can Rock Forever

And when the groove is dead and gone

you know that love survives

so we can rock forever!

-"Rock With You"

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Different B!

I must apologize for my absence . . . twitter and youtube have sucked me and unfortunately my blog has suffered, but no worries! I am here to say! Writing is my love, I'll never abandon my blog!

Anyway, I'm coming to you all today with an announcement . . . its pretty big . . . I've started a new journey . . . not hair . . . not makeup . . . not MFA . . .


Yeah, that's right . . . I'm on a weightloss journey! I will not list the details of the journey here (atleast not now) BUT I do have a brand-new Youtube channell dedicated to documenting that journey called "A Different B" in which I do weekly video updates on my weighins and random videos about the journey. I invite anyone interested to check out the videos, comment, rate, and subscribe but NO PRESSURE! The videos are serving as more of a way to keep me "accountable" and release my frustrations during the journey. Also, this is NOT a vanity channell . . . its me, raw and uncut . . . happy, sad, angry . . . no glamour, no glitz! LOL. So brace yourselves.

Here's a link to my lastest video (posted yesterday)>> Week 2- A Different B

I'll be back later with another post about just what this journey entails, my feelings, updates, etc.

Thanks for sticking around! Be back soon with more posts!

au revoir.