Thursday, January 29, 2009

Way more information than you need to know . . .

But, hey, why not?

I'm bored and in an effort to post regularly . . . I want to share this with you all!

Facebook runneth over with these "25 random things aout me" notes and I've decided that I want to post my list (edited where I deem necessary) here for my beloved readers, especially the "In Crowd!"

25 Random things about Bsquared86

  1. I love "novelty" and line dances (i.e. The Heisman, Cupid Shuffle, Stanky Leg, Dutty Wine, Cha Cha Slide, Crank that _____, Electric Slide, etc.)
  2. My ears haven't been pierced for years (and I don't plan on piercing them). I had them pierced when I was like 9 and on my 11th birthday I got the precious gift of a doctors visit to start treatment on my keyloids . . . oh joy! Me & my clip on earrings enjoy life keyloid free!
  3. Writing the essays for my grad school apps make me feel stupid sometimes. . . do I even have a degree in english? lol. They're so hard!
  4. I have seen every episode of Fresh Prince, Cosby Show, A Different World, and Roseanne . . . but I will watch them everytime they come on and probably curse at you if you interrupt my viewing. You may already know that I love certain TV shows, though.
  5. I get embarassed for other people . . . hard to explain . . . but if someone on TV is about to embarass themselves I'll probably change the channell. It's wierd, I know.
  6. I do not have a job. I am not in grad school. I am doing nothing with my life other than filling out grad school apps right now. I'll be working by spring though. (so stop asking! . . . just kidding . . . maybe . . . not really, lol.)
  7. I talk really fast and I talk alot . . . wait, my bad . . . ya'll know that (in the case of blog readers, you all see that I can get a bit longwinded in my posts)
  8. I get super excited when spellcheck doesn't find any errors.
  9. My conscience is SUPER LOUD, lol. I am naturally predisposed to doing the right thing. Sorry, no bad-ass here lol. That's why I'm so nice . . . not because I like everyone, but because I just don't have it in me to be meanspirited. Good girls finish first!
  10. I cry easily . . . be they happy or sad times, the tears will come!
  11. I have a thing about collecting paper napkins from random places in my purse . . . I don't know why . . . *hangs head in shame*
  12. Wikipedia is my number one source for information.
  13. I do not drink and I never will . . . yeah, never . . . not even on special occassions . . . not even if the drink tastes like red koolaid . . . not even if I won't be able to "feel" the alcohol
  14. Everytime I see a commercial for a movie that's up for an Oscar I get mad because Seven Pounds isn't up for any. I mean COME ON!
  15. My entire room has been pink for my entire life . . . and I have not liked it . . . the entire time, lol. First bubblegum pink and now hot pink . . . thank my dad for that!
  16. Inside jokes are the BEST jokes . . . but only when I'm in on them!
  17. People keep coming to me with problems (both trivia questions and life issues) because I went to college . . . NEWSFLASH: I am neither an encyclopedia nor am I Dr. Phil. But, I help them anyway, with a smile, because I am a nice person and I usually do have an answer to their trivia and advice for their life issues. Lol.
  18. I am such a packrat and my room is always junky. I fear that one day Neicy Nash and the Clean House crew will show up at my door lol. And if they do I know who called them (NuDiva85!)
  19. I was voted Most Likely to Succeed in Middle School and High School . . . DAMN, THE PRESSURE! lol
  20. I don't like scary movies . . . I don't care how silly or funny they may be to you . . . I don't even like commercials for scary movies . . . and I don't care how grown I may get . . . I never will. I don't see what's fun about scaring the shit out of yourself. Nope, I don't.
  21. I curse . . . sometimes . . . alot . . . lol. It's my only vice . . . that and my coca cola addiction!
  22. It feels weird not being at my undergad institution. I haven't quite adjusted to the fact that I won't be back there for a while and when I do go back I'll just be a visitor :(
  23. I want to have a bunch of kids . . . a few of my own and a few adopted.
  24. I play Monopoly on my iPhone more than I actually talk on it. This game is ADDICTIVE!
  25. I have fotki photo albums where I document my hair journey (from 2004 till now) and makeup experiments. I wore my hair pressed/flatironed straight all of my life until last march. I kind of miss my straight hair, sometimes. But I love my locs!

For the record EVERYONE is tagged! Drop your list (or justa few random things about yourself) in the comment section or on your blog . . . let me know if you do so I can go check it out!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comma Sense!

Hey ya'll! Been a while . . . I have a few posts that I need to get on out here a little later. I'm just trying to stay focused on these grad apps right now. People are already reporting admission decisions and such over at the MFA Blog and that has me super pumped to crank these babies out.
Anyway, I had to break away from writing/revising my statement of purpose and staring glossy-eyed at my manuscript to say this . . .
Seriously . . . they get on my last nerve. Either I'm using too many or not enough!
I have failed papers because of comma usage. My content would be great, word choice good, research well done and BAM I'd get a gazillion points off for comma splices. Because of this, I find myself constantly second guessing my writing based solely upon my use of the comma.
This is ridiculous . . . I have a degree . . . IN ENGLISH! Why can't I use a comma correctly? I've had professors give me extra attention when it comes to comma usage- worksheets, guides, after class office time. NOTHING WORKED! These stupid comma's just won't stick!
I know that you're thinking, "This chick is nuts . . . she's having a fit over commas? what a nerd!" And you are right! These commas are driving me mad, MAD I SAY!
That's why I love poetry . . . If I want to totally abandon punctuation, I can! (in my mind:should that comma be there before "I can"?) And I do! I rarely use punctuation or capitalization in my poetry . . . I like it better that way. It feels more natural and less contrived. But, that's another story all together I suppose.
Back to my SOPs . . . au revoir
Head on over to Essence Magazine's "Will You Marry Me 2009" contest and vote for Rashad & Andrea!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bye Bye 08!

This post is loooong overdue! I was out of town for about 2 weeks, so I have major "post backup." Bear with me!

2008 was a great year! Two simply INCREDIBLE things happened- I graduated from college and Barack Obama won the election. The only thing that would have made the year any more complete was the Lakers winning the championship but, hey, you can't win em all!

2008 was a stressful year with rollover stress from 07 but I refuse to let anything that stressed me out in 2008 rollover into 2009. Alot of those things that stressed me were things that I couldn't control(and they often overshadowed things that I could control). This year, I am focusing on what I can control and going after those goals first (and saving my worry lines for them, lol).

So . . . here's my 'to do' list for 2009

  • Driver's Licence- Yes, it's true . . . I am a grownass woman with no liscence. Don't ask why, don't ask how. Just know that I WILL have my licence soon.
  • In conjunction with the aformentioned . . . some WHEELS! I'm thinking a VW Beetle or a Mini Cooper . . . I love little cars!
  • TURN IN COMPLETE GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATIONS!!! The calarts app is due tomorrow and what do I have ready? NOT A DAMN THING! No use wasting time lamenting my mistakes! And then there were 6 . . .
  • Job/Work/Employment- I'm contemplating going back to my summer retail gig. Hours are being cut way down these days but HEY it's money. We'll see. I do not, do not, DO NOT want to be on the bus in this city which is why it is IMPERATIVE that I get my licence quick fast and in a hurry so I can cash in that vehicular IOU the parentals gave me.
  • Visit my good friend Ms. Brown in her new city! Even though we always lived just a few blocks from eachother in SoCal I didn't meet her until I traveled to teh opposite end of the country for college! And now she's moved out of state *sad face* but I will be visiting in a couple of months *smile*.
  • Get involved in my community. I really want to get involved in some type of adult literacy initiative. Know of any in SoCal? Let me know!
  • Keep in contact with folks! I have friends from school that I owe phone calls from the fall and a mentor from high school that I haven't spoken to in ages. *hangs head in shame* But in 09 that shall change!
  • Write regularly and seriously! If I'm going to be a writer I need to write more,point blank.

I would add "get into grad school" to the list but I have accepted that "getting in" is not so much in my control as putting my best foot forward with my application.

Anyway, that's my list as of right now. We'll check back with this in a few months and see how far I've gotten.