Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comma Sense!

Hey ya'll! Been a while . . . I have a few posts that I need to get on out here a little later. I'm just trying to stay focused on these grad apps right now. People are already reporting admission decisions and such over at the MFA Blog and that has me super pumped to crank these babies out.
Anyway, I had to break away from writing/revising my statement of purpose and staring glossy-eyed at my manuscript to say this . . .
Seriously . . . they get on my last nerve. Either I'm using too many or not enough!
I have failed papers because of comma usage. My content would be great, word choice good, research well done and BAM I'd get a gazillion points off for comma splices. Because of this, I find myself constantly second guessing my writing based solely upon my use of the comma.
This is ridiculous . . . I have a degree . . . IN ENGLISH! Why can't I use a comma correctly? I've had professors give me extra attention when it comes to comma usage- worksheets, guides, after class office time. NOTHING WORKED! These stupid comma's just won't stick!
I know that you're thinking, "This chick is nuts . . . she's having a fit over commas? what a nerd!" And you are right! These commas are driving me mad, MAD I SAY!
That's why I love poetry . . . If I want to totally abandon punctuation, I can! (in my mind:should that comma be there before "I can"?) And I do! I rarely use punctuation or capitalization in my poetry . . . I like it better that way. It feels more natural and less contrived. But, that's another story all together I suppose.
Back to my SOPs . . . au revoir
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  1. I find, that, it's really easy, to use commas, properly. So, I can't, really, understand your problem,,,,!!

  2. something about black kids from the hood... we can't do the whole comma thing....

  3. Robert--LOL. Well, contrary to what you illustrated in your comment . . . You have one of the best written blogs around! Maybe I should head over their and pick up some tips!

    Angela--You are so crazy . . . I blame Mrs. C and Mr. M . . . they focused so much on vocab, content, and literacy that they didn't take the time out to stress commas since they are OH SO important to my life (sarcasm for the folks that haven't caught on, lol).

    Thank you both for reading!

  4. I feel you on the comma usage issue. I mean, when to use when not to use is the question. Especially commas in a series. My grammar school teachers drilled in my head that you need one less comma that the number of items in a series (i.e. 4 items = 3 commas). Ex: I saw Jane, Tom, John, and Sally at the store today. But in current literature I see the following. Ex: I saw Jane, Tom, John and Sally. Really irks me :)

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