Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Lay My MAC Down: Good Girl Gone Bad

I enterd my very first Makeup Challenge last week! WOOT! It was very fun. The theme was Good Girl Gone Bad and we had to do two looks (one good, one bad girl) that contrasted each other. The other ladies that entered did wonderul jobs and the winner's looks were amazing! I peeked at the polls and it looks like I got the second highest votes so I'm very honored!

Anyway, here are my looks . . . click the pics to see what products were used and such.

Good Girl- Neutral with a POP!

I never really do neutral eye looks, because I'm not good at them, lol. But, I wanted my "good girl" to look innocent and soft so I took a stab at it anyway. I also wanted it to be playful, so I added the pop on the lower lashline.

Bad Girl- Supercheetahcateyelicious

I've never warn a red lip before because I don't really have a red lipstick that I like. And also because people always condition full lipped gals like me to steer clear of bold lips (which is BULL because I think full lips look best in bold colors, but hey, that's me). I had to kind of "create" this color, you'll see what I mean if you click the pick for the product list. Also, I'm not big on eyeliner and I always have trouble doing winged liner but I decided to just go for it. It worked out SUPER well. I wanted to wear this look out that day but I knew I had to do my Good Girl look, so I had to say good bye, lol. I added the cheetah/leapard spots on the right eye to add drama.

This was tons of fun! Especially the mini photoshoot I launched into to create my entry, lol. I can't wait to see what the new challenge will be! Thanks to all that voted for me (if you read journeyed outside of BHM to read my blog, lol).

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Luv is Love: Kreativ Blogger Award! [picheavy]

I am very honored and humbled to announce that fellow blogger and poet Kimberly from The Possibility of Being has given me the "Kreativ Blogger Award!" Wow, wow, wow!

This was such a surprise and I am so very pleased! Be sure to go check out Kimberly's NaPoWriMo offerings! My favorite is Grandpa!

The award comes with a few responsibilities:
  1. Post the award on your blog and link to the person who gave you the award.
  2. List seven things you love.
  3. Pass it on! List seven blogs you love and let those people know you’ve given them the award.

7 Loves (a little random sillyness)

Winnie the Pooh

My alma mater

My Godson

My phone

Photo Editing



7 Bloggers I'm Passing the Award To!

**click pic to go to blog!**

and everybody participating in

Oh, and no one is OBLIGATED to pass this on or anything like that! Just a fun little thing to show you all how much I enjoy your little piece of blogland!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

A look back in Hairstory!

This past sunday (3/29) was the anniversary of me deciding to rock nappy hair full throttle (i.e. my nappiversary). I realised that a lot of folks got a chance to witness my nappy and loc'd journey but not many know that I used to be a press'n'curl girl (NO RELAXER!!). Of course it's all on my fotki but I know that some folks just go straight to the new loc stuff so I decided to compile a little collage basically depicting my hair changes from Fall 2003 to Spring 2008 . . .

(1) High School Senior 03-04 (2-3)College Freshman 04-05 (4) College Sophmore w/ Highlights 05 (5) College Sophmore w/ allover light color 06 (6-7) College Junior w/ black rinse 06-07 (8) College Senior 07-08 (9) College Senior Big Chop w/ a fro 08

I guess you can say that this is an ode to my beloved press'n'curl, I've been missing it a little lately. That's all I knew from age 6 to age 21 and I wore it well, lol. I just really wanted a change. I didn't cut my hair because it was damaged or looked crazy or anything like that . . . I actually just cut it randomly after watching Tracie Mae's big chop video one weekend. I had a dream that I went to graduation w/ a teeny-weeny-afro and it felt right . . . so I decided to go ahead and snip off the ends of my hair where the curl had loosened from constant heat styling so I could rock one! To my suprise, I was left with a LOT of hair . . . I only cut like .5" to 1.5"off. And I didn't even end up going to graduation w/ a fro . . . I had kinky twists, lol.

For a look at my journey up to my big chop click here!! Better resolution pics and more detailed descriptions of styles/experiences.

Don't get me wrong, ,ya'll . . . I LOVE MY LOCS! I LOVE 'EM I LOVE 'EM I LOVE 'EM! lol But, sometimes it feels good to reminisce . . . I can't wait to see what happens in the many years to come with my hair. Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane!