Thursday, April 2, 2009

A look back in Hairstory!

This past sunday (3/29) was the anniversary of me deciding to rock nappy hair full throttle (i.e. my nappiversary). I realised that a lot of folks got a chance to witness my nappy and loc'd journey but not many know that I used to be a press'n'curl girl (NO RELAXER!!). Of course it's all on my fotki but I know that some folks just go straight to the new loc stuff so I decided to compile a little collage basically depicting my hair changes from Fall 2003 to Spring 2008 . . .

(1) High School Senior 03-04 (2-3)College Freshman 04-05 (4) College Sophmore w/ Highlights 05 (5) College Sophmore w/ allover light color 06 (6-7) College Junior w/ black rinse 06-07 (8) College Senior 07-08 (9) College Senior Big Chop w/ a fro 08

I guess you can say that this is an ode to my beloved press'n'curl, I've been missing it a little lately. That's all I knew from age 6 to age 21 and I wore it well, lol. I just really wanted a change. I didn't cut my hair because it was damaged or looked crazy or anything like that . . . I actually just cut it randomly after watching Tracie Mae's big chop video one weekend. I had a dream that I went to graduation w/ a teeny-weeny-afro and it felt right . . . so I decided to go ahead and snip off the ends of my hair where the curl had loosened from constant heat styling so I could rock one! To my suprise, I was left with a LOT of hair . . . I only cut like .5" to 1.5"off. And I didn't even end up going to graduation w/ a fro . . . I had kinky twists, lol.

For a look at my journey up to my big chop click here!! Better resolution pics and more detailed descriptions of styles/experiences.

Don't get me wrong, ,ya'll . . . I LOVE MY LOCS! I LOVE 'EM I LOVE 'EM I LOVE 'EM! lol But, sometimes it feels good to reminisce . . . I can't wait to see what happens in the many years to come with my hair. Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane!


  1. ahh thats so cute haha. i love locs, i think theyre awesome. whats up with that bottom pic though? you look like you was jumping on the bed, and spinning your hair around like you beyonce haha cutee

  2. Good thing ur ear was clean, ay?

  3. thanks tiffy! i was dizzy as hell after that last pic

    and nuni (divinepoetess) STFUWTBS lol

  4. this is so cool. are you sure you don't want to be a graphic designer. that's what i see for you just like you see teaching for me. Anyway looking back on your hair days, all i have to say is DAMN i miss ERIC. miss ya much

  5. Girl your hair is gorgeous! Pressed, nappy, and loc'd. Your locs are maturing so beautifully!

  6. heyy, <3 yr blog.

    ima a freshman @ yr alma mater =) and i've been growing my hair out with braids since june 08. i have a sizeable fro (i assume 4b) but i dunno what to do with my hair, texturize it, leave it or what, and my cuz suggested i come to you for help.. so hit me up if u have time plz =] thnx!


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