Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Open Letter: Parents w/ Small Children

Lately, I've been ranting a lot on twitter . . . so I've decided to start a section here on the blog called "Open Letters: To Whom It May Concern" . . . This will expand beyond rants, of course. I plan to share other "Open Letters" to people/things that may be serious, funny, wacky, etc. Nothing is meant to offend, but if you're offended maybe you should take a step back and think about that, lol. We shall see! This first is a semi-serious a rant . . .

To Parents w/ small children:

What happens when I accidentally knee little Timmy Toddler in the face and tip over his buggy because his mommy thought it was okay to plow into my ankle and calf? I hope we never have to find that out. Pushing a stroller does not give you the right to bulldoze through crowds of people without uttering a simple "excuse me" or "pardon us." Not only are you using your child's stroller as a weapon but you are exposing your precious cargo to the possibolity of being toppled over or smacked by flailing limbs/packages! What are you thinking? Do you not care for your child's safety? Sure, I give strollers the right away whenever I can but don't push it! Literally.

Also, I do not need your little tike under my elbow while I'm shopping, eating at a restaurant, or at the register checking out. Seriously, for your child's safety, you need to keep a better eye and handle on them. I could be a freaking kidnapper . . . why are you letting them get so comfortable with a stranger!? Move their little behind before I have to say something because I will only speak to them once ("Excuse me, sweetie.") with my nice lady voice. After that, it's going to be stern and please do not come at me crazy because I have no problem going there with you in front of your child. You can explain to them what those words meant when you get home.

--the girl hit w/ a stroller and consequently fell into a sales associate and a display table and also almost smacked a little girl in the face with a shopping bag because she was under her elbow

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Lay My MAC Down: St. Patty's Day Look (kinda-sorta)

So, I didn't wear green on St. Paddy's day . . . if I'd known my mother would pinch me, maybe I would have, lol. I'd planned to rock green eyeshadow but I got lazy and didn't do it.

Well, I through a bit o'green into my makeup look the next day . . .

Nothing special . . . fairly neutral except for the green. I've been in a makeup rut lately. I used to do wacky, crazy, bold looks every day last year but these days I just don't feel like experimenting. I've been lurking around Specktra.net checking out their FOTDs and tutorials, hoping to find some inspiration. Maybe spring will bring new looks for me.
Note: If you're reading this as a blog feed and not on the actual blog, then the new graphic looks a little wacky to you, lol. It's best seen on the blog w/ the black background. Just thought I'd mention it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

On this day, one year ago . . .

I made my first post here on "B Write Back" on March 9, 2008 . . . here we are, one year later . . . alot has changed!

Happy Birthday

I just want to take a moment and thank

  • every single person that has commented on a post here

  • all of the friends/followers in the "In Crowd"

  • folks that have added B Write Back to their blog list

  • and people that lurk around and read

When I started this blog a year ago, I had no idea that anybody would read it. I didn't even make a second post until a few months later, lol. Whenever I see a new person added to the "friends/followers"list . . . I get excited! And when I see new comments here, I get down right GIDDY! lol. I know that sounds silly but for a newbie blogger, those things mean ALOT!

So, thank you onc again for reading and supporting B Write Back! I look forward to many more years with you all!

Be on the lookout for more changes and new posts!