Monday, March 23, 2009

I Lay My MAC Down: St. Patty's Day Look (kinda-sorta)

So, I didn't wear green on St. Paddy's day . . . if I'd known my mother would pinch me, maybe I would have, lol. I'd planned to rock green eyeshadow but I got lazy and didn't do it.

Well, I through a bit o'green into my makeup look the next day . . .

Nothing special . . . fairly neutral except for the green. I've been in a makeup rut lately. I used to do wacky, crazy, bold looks every day last year but these days I just don't feel like experimenting. I've been lurking around checking out their FOTDs and tutorials, hoping to find some inspiration. Maybe spring will bring new looks for me.
Note: If you're reading this as a blog feed and not on the actual blog, then the new graphic looks a little wacky to you, lol. It's best seen on the blog w/ the black background. Just thought I'd mention it.


  1. I don't feel like signing in but this is Nasty Nu on the 1's and 2's...cute look but it would've looked better on some BROWNER skin lol

  2. Nuni don't make me beat you! lol . . . yes, I am JEALOUS of your brown(er) skin . . . there, you HAPPY!

  3. As a REAL Irishman, I can give you a real Irish "that looks good" comment!

  4. Thank you, Robert! I appreciate your Irish seal of approval!


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