Saturday, February 14, 2009

What 6 months look like . . .

I started my loc journey on August 11, 2008 and on February 11, 2009 I officially completed 6 months of loc'ing and began my 7th month.

I'm so excited! I can really see the changes! WOOT!
For more comparison shots please click here.
For more loc journey pics please click here.
For pictures of my hair before locs (straight & nappy) click here.
Have any milestones coming up in your own life?
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  1. Hey!♥ your hair is looking sooooo pretty! i just had mine loced and i should be about six months for my birthday! yaaay =D im so happy i decided to loc cause i was so scared it would be confining but i already am feeling more free than before =P
    Congrats on your accomplishment and i hope u keep us updated =)

  2. Looking good! You got me by 12 days, I started locing Aug 23 so I'm definitely going to keep up with your journey.


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