Monday, February 1, 2010

A Look-a-Like?

The new "it" thing to do on Facebook is to change your display pic to a celebrity that folks always tell you that you look like. I couldn't decide on just one . . . mostly becuase I have been told repeatedly that I look like both of these stunning actresses/musicians! So, I'll accept that I'm a great blend of both-- on the inside and out, I hope!

My first memory of being told that I look like Queen Latifah dates back to
elementary school. The latest would be Saturday night when a guy in my store told me that I was "just like Queen Latifah . . . with skin clear as glass." And he commenced to calling me Queen Latifah for the duration of his shopping experience.

The Jill Scott comparisons began quietly in the new millenium, lol. They really took off when I got to college. It could have been the way I wore/wear my hair? I don't know. But I'll take it!

Could it be that folks just say I look like these women because we're all plus sized and African American? Probably, lol. I've been told I look like Oprah and Monique, too (and I'll accept those as well, I think they're both gorgeous).

The most interesting part of this whole FB picture thing is actually looking at the "lookalikes" and REALLY seeing it . . . I have a few friends that are deadringers! lol. And, others like myself who don't quite see it but have heard it for so long they accept it lol.





  1. such a gorg pic of them! yes those are two lovely ppl to be compared too! i never get celebs, just "my daughter" "cousin laura" "my neighbor" or any of 3 girls i went to school with. i just smile and say "i get that all the time!" lol

  2. Actually you DO look like a girl I went to school with . . . LOL

  3. You look more like Jill Scott to me.


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