Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh, Haiti!

Praying for the safe return of fellow Howard University Alum and current NYU Doctoral student, Nathalie Pierre! [click for more on that story from ABC] [UPDATE: She is safe! Thank you for your prayers]
I chose to DONATE to - by Wyclef Jean and (seperately to) the Red Cross by texting HAITI to 9-0999

Beware of scammers! Only donate to relief efforts/programs/organizations that you trust!


  1. I see that Nathalie is safe & well. :0)

    Here in the UK all the charities already active in Haiti (and there are many) have got together to do a joint appeal. These charities know the local situation better than anyone and this type of appeal is always very well supported in the UK.

    The Brits are coming!

  2. Awesome to hear!

    The world is coming together to help Haiti!


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