Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not a Good Student . ..

. . . but I play one 3 times a week.

Too bad I'm not as good at playing a good blogger, lol.

In short, my first 3 or so weeks of school have been great. I've already been overwhelmed, stressed, afraid, doubtful, hopeful, excited, anxious, giddy, and numb . . . but most of all, I've been writing! And that's whats most important to me.

No long essays. No research papers. No reader responses.
Just writing centered around my CRAFT. I definitely appreciate that.
The reading has been okay, I try to stay up on each assignment but in the event that i find myself behind on my reading I do my best to discuss what I DO know . . . so they won't look back later & say, "B didn't say anything all class . . . I wonder if she read?" lol. Oldest trick in the book but it saves me some time (and face)
Time, time, time . . . seems like I have time to do EVERYTHING but what i'm supposed to do. I have a habit of pushing things off until the last minute but now that I'm working and going to school, I really need to make better decisions with my time.
I started off strong . . . I would come right home and do my work/reading. I need to get back to that.
Well, that's all for now . . . tune in next time for adventures of a first time TA!


  1. Time management is sooooooooooo important! I hope it's a lesson you learn fast. It'll make everything else so much easier. (I speak from experience!)

  2. time management??? at my age dont need any of that....keep writing


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